This type of female body is like a woman who likes the meaningless and irresponsible research

First of all, there is no need to exist the results of womens bikinis sale the study so that no one will be surprised, because this is the way to work now. PeerJ published a study titled “The Relationship between Female Body Attraction and Body Fatness”, which aims to accurately study the subject, that is, the attraction of physical attractive women to men (because of heterosexuality) is based on their “obesity” The The study of the abstract itself has some real gems on the relationship between health and aesthetics, just like this interesting tabloid, “the aspects of the female body may be attractive because they exhibit evolutionary health, and greater physical obesity may reflect But the individuals who carry the larger fat shop are in poor health and poor fertility in a non-famine situation. “It does not sound like a scientific essay, rather than an insensitive grandmother Tell them if she strangely into Darwinism.


Red online wrote about the womens bikinis sale study, the article title is provocative if not triggered. It says: “Men still love women to become young and thin,” new research “points out that this preference has existed for some time, and research is not an urgent need – but since then, let’s analyze research and articles.


Researchers conducted the study used 1327 male samples from 10 countries. Although the sample size is quite good, but only 10 countries to conduct a survey of men, almost can not be regarded as today’s men really think of women’s comprehensive guide. Participants showed 21 sample images of women with different BMIs and asked to assess the attraction of their bodies. This is a bad and belittling practice. BMI has been deprived of health indicators, and the surgery they choose to womens bikinis sale use strengthens the paradox we often see today – assessing women according to their attraction, and in a system where aesthetic is the only measure of value. Although this can be said to be the focus of the study, but the normalization of such things is the reason we fall into chaos.


The most popular card depicts a female body, the BMI is 19, which is the lack of weight in the border, and young people. Yes, not only men are more like women more and more thin, but also preferred Women who are underweight (according to the BMI standard used in this study)? This is another poisonous idea that exists forever, and here we are responsible for talking about such great stress research (and the way we talk about) the pressure on women.


It is dangerous to write these discoveries as if they were the real windows that men really wanted, especially if these specific results were literally told us that womens bikinis sale if we were underweight or close to it, we would be more ideal if we Kind of way to get younger). We have more or less aware of what the society thinks men like, because “ideal woman” is erased throughout the place, and we strive for these beauty standards every day by asking for more diversification and inclusion in fashion and beauty. However, even the super model can not be compared with each other, because the website asked: “Which Hadi Di sister prefer bikini?


The pressure comes from all over – not even from men, we may hope or may not want to have a relationship with (eye). Hollywood even (and sometimes even especially), women are often referred to absurd standards. 47-year-old actress Jamie Denbo was recently told that she was “too old” to play a 57-year-old actor’s wife in an upcoming project. Jennifer Lawrence was recently told by her own sister Sharon, and she was too late to play Tata for the upcoming project.


Although men may form their own preferences according to social clues, and only in the same game to beat our pieces, it does not mean that womens bikinis sale we need to hear more information. In fact, we should continue to promote more diversity and representativeness – perhaps, as a by-product, preferences will change. While forgetting to study. Your body is very good, that’s it.