This Disney Princess-Inspired womens bikinis sale Line Will Make Your Next Spring Break an Enchanted One

With the “beauty and the beast” real-time action remake, Disney Princess and its related goods frenzy seems to have reached a comprehensive fever. Everywhere you see is inspired by your childhood new products, including the colorful Juicy Couture sportswear and Swarovski bracelets, and artificial roses embedded in a variety of glass dome.

It seems that these days can be princess, which means we are beginning to see the bathing suit, just a matter of time, inspired by the cartoon copyright of your growing hobby (and singing). Bikini is not official, but if you find it wearing the sea at the seaside or next to the sea, you will get a lot of praise from Disney’s head.


With the spring break at the corner, the bikini shopping season is in full swing. If your greatest fear appears on the beach with the same swimwear on every girl around you, a magic bikini, absolutely guaranteed to look like someone else – except the princess himself, of course.

These classic fans of the fairy tale can now take a look at the poolside, wearing a swimsuit, and the friendly entertainment of your favorite princess dress from the friendly explanation of Pocahontas tassel’s shoulder dress to Ariel’s shell bra, Minus the whole fishtail thing.


You can imagine any princess will explain her clothes as a two-piece composition by the brand, although it will depend on you to re-create these complex for their own process.

Swimsuit is not too expensive, the bottom price of 35 dollars, the price is reasonable for $ 45. The brand also has a small number of other accessories to complete your luxury costumes, including mermaid shell wallet and shell mirror phone case.


The company’s Web site explains their goal behind this series of swimsuit and writes: “Our mission is to keep your princess glowing and wearing magic bikini while attracting everyone and all around.We believe that, Every woman can feel this way, not wear clothing. “And they also promise to have more design come. Finger for all these princess princes Charmings across a swim trunks.