Olympics-Beach volleyball-Women put on bikinis with pride

The words “beach volleyball” and you could be sure that somebody will make a tale about scantily clad girls.


British information coverage of your sport inside the run-up towards the Olympics concentrated on the question of whether or not the women players would wear sexy bikinis if it rained. The crystal clear implication is that if they will covered up, the game would probably lose a lot of its charm.


On the face of it, these kinds of attitudes place women runners in a lose-lose situation. They must be hot to be seen but they are not really taken seriously when sportswomen as they are sexy.


Although top girls players state comfortable within their bikinis. They will love the beach front culture that gave delivery to their sport, and they take pride in their athletic physiques.


“The female body is a masterpiece. Everyone likes to check out the female body, especially in powerful, athletic sport, ” said Natalie Cook, gold medallist at Sydney in 2000 and Australia’s first woman athlete in any sport to compete in five Olympics.


Her achievements would be enough to generate respect, even reverence, in many sports, but Cook still gets asked bikini queries. Does that not bother her?


“I’m OK with it. It’s the only sport where the women dominate. If it starts with the bikini, fine, ” the woman told Reuters.


“I believe it shows the best side of the female body and I’m proud of how we look in it. ”


A fast-paced game in which teams of two jump, run and dive in the sand, making tactical decisions in a split second as they spike the ball over the net or block a strong attack with their outstretched palms, beach volleyball is a great spectacle.


It does not take itself too seriously. Take music blares from loudspeakers in between factors and during the players’ breaks spectators are entertained by dancers in beachwear. The top women players do not seek to deny the lure with their sweating figures in sexy bikinis draws in audience, generates news flash interest and boosts promotion revenue.


All their response is certainly: so what?


“This is the way you look. This is one way we are. Everything you see is actually you acquire. There’s no covering. There’s no airbrushing here, inches said American Misty May-Treanor, who with her crew mate Kerri Walsh acquired Olympic silver precious metal in Athens in 2005 and Beijing in 08.


Most of the top rated players arrive from places just like Brazil, Arkansas or Quarterly report, where there may be a strong beach front culture and wearing sexy bikinis is normal. Is it doesn’t practical decision for a sport played barefoot in the sand and the warmth, they say.


May-Treanor’s website features a video of her in mid-workout in her gym kit as well as photos of her posing suggestively in a glamorous bathing suit. She observe no incompatibility between the sport’s sexy picture and the difficult physical function it entails.


“There’s a lot of hard work that goes into what we do. I do a lot of power raising and strength training, ” this lady said.


A lady who in 2008 convinced then U. S. President George W. Bush to slap her lower back in the way the players do after factors, she is not just one to shy away from macho banter.


“If someone says some thing I’m like, ah, what ever, they may really understand what goes into it. If they would like to arm wrestle, I’ll obtain clothed and we can go lift weights in the excess weight room, ” she said.


Brazilian globe champion Juliana Felisberta, a favourite for yellow metal in London, seems to embrace sexually charged humour with as much gusto since she techniques high-level competition.


During a pre-Games news meeting, Felisberta spoke passionately about her desire a showdown against May-Treanor in the Olympic final, whilst also cracking multiple humor about which usually players, man and female, experienced the best physiques.


“It’s a very interesting sport and the players have gorgeous bodies, ” the plain-speaking Felisberta said.


But many ladies outside the sport are incensed by how the sporting prowess is trivialised by continuous sexual innuendo.


“Olympics dialogue on (a radio programme) mentioned seaside volleyball bikinis AGAIN – we are right now officially residing in 1950s, ” Martha Street Fox, an excellent British Internet entrepreneur, said on Tweets this week.




In a protest in London upon Wednesday against gender discrimination in sport, delegates said it flipped women into sex objects.


“They are utilizing women’s physiques as sexual. It is about money. It makes ladies look like objects and it is a definite case of sexism, ” said Annie Sugier, spokeswoman for the International League for Ladies Rights. But as far since the women sports athletes are concerned, sexism is in the a muslim of the container. They say that folks may come to find the sexy bikinis but they will remain for the activity.


“Once that they see the athleticism of our sport they’re totally hooked on it, inches said The spring Ross, a U. Beds. rival to May-Treanor.


The sport’s regulating body, the FIVB, exposed itself about criticism for many years by making swimwear compulsory for individuals who players during tournaments, besides in winter months.


The rules evolved in Drive and women are allowed to be dressed in shorts with tops or maybe a full body system suit. The FIVB explained this was to respect varied customs and religious morals.


“We really want women coming from all different made use of and everyone out of across the world to play each of our sport, and not be able to enjoy because of the garments is certainly not OK for people, ” explained Jennifer Kessy, Ross’s crew mate.


“We wouldn’t always be playing in shorts mainly because for us it could not comfortable but also for others we believe it’s superb, ” Kessy said.


Ross and Kessy once played out at a tournament in Dubai, in which they dressed in bikinis during matches although long humble dresses within the medal podium. They said it was a strange experience, but they believed positive about bringing a taste of Californian seaside culture to the conservative Gulf.


Australia’s Prepare said this girl was perplexed by the focus on the bikinis given the outfits on display in other sporting activities.


“The observe and field stars operate in a swimsuit. It’s a little bigger, yet it’s a swimsuit, ” this girl told Reuters.


May-Treanor also saw inconsistencies in thinking to physical activities.


“It’s funny because people check out our sport in that approach when you have gymnasts that are 12, 15, the camera ways sometimes in these happenings, and they’re in leotards. In addition to divers in Speedos, inches she explained.


But awkward for the fuss above bikinis, May-Treanor could begin to see the bright side.


“All the work our company is putting in has to be paying off mainly because if they’re so (interested in) what we’re using it’s just like, yeah, have to have fantastic bodies, inches she explained, bursting away laughing. (Additional reporting by simply Belinda Goldsmith; Editing by simply Alison Williams)