Mothers try the season’s ‘hottest’ – swimwear trends where they womens bikinis sale lingerie

As the days are getting longer, many people are nervously looking for the arrival of the swimsuit season. Fortunately, the two very real mom reminds us that many of the swimsuit trends currently on the market are ridiculous, disturbing, and that does not mean anyone.


Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, who are known as the #IMomSoHard video series, have recently launched a new clip to see the most ridiculous swimsuit style on the market and torn the design debris.


In order to better express their point of view, Kristen and Rennes first try many people think that men are typical of beach clothing, standing in front of the camera, wearing loose shirts and even bags of shorts.


“It’s like shorts!” Kristin exclaimed, showing off the number of her pants. “It’s better than I like the ball!”


In addition to comfortable, this can not help but pay attention to the practicality of clothing. “You can walk; no nipples out! Ren praise


They pretend to bring up a cool dress and show the mobility and coverage of the clothes. “Everything is inside,” she said.


After men’s beach wear, the two began to try this year’s latest women’s beachwear trend. Christine appeared in the black single piece, wearing many belts on the buttocks and torso. A pair of soft purple bikini, the two of which are connected to the long side of the lotus leaf.


“Looks like you’re playing with tennis!” Christine said she was a big man.


Ren is equally dissatisfied with her appearance.


“I do not know if there is any way to make your ass feel too big and really emphasize your love handle and make your bust feel inadequate,” she said sarcastically, “Oh, yes it was a swimsuit.


Next, Kristin tried a warm blue piece. Jen checked out a black bikini, which included a saddle with a cut lace detail and a high waist bottom.


“I hate it all,” said Ryan. “Let me look like a double deck,” she said with a smile.


The last two styles relate to Kristin, a single piece of psychedelic printing attached to the buttocks, and with both sides of the extreme incision. Jen wore a purple piece, with a gemstone neck and a cut under the chest.


Christine could not help laughing at how funny she was in her swimsuit. She stretched out the camera and asked with a man-made accent: “Hey, what is everyone? I’m just here to attend the teacher’s meeting. How about it? ‘At the same time, Jen cracked in the background.” Kristin continued, “My child is performing – I can not imagine why!”


At the end of the fashion show, Kristen and Zen Master reflect the swimsuit season. “The truth about the swimsuit,” said En, “until 10 minutes ago, I did not care.” Then I thought, oh man, I should do some sit-ups.


Christine admitted that I did not understand the confidence of swimwear. I weigh 12 pounds more than my daughter, she is four years old. I can not even call it the weight of the baby, it’s just weight.


Her emotions undoubtedly reflect the mood of many mothers around the world at this time of the year.


However, if you are so proud of the sun when this summer, if you are really proud, then Jen will remind the audience, “no one is really much better than the people on the beach, the beach will always have this person, everyone will Look – not you, ladies.


Christine said with a smile that it actually made me feel better!


In the final scene of the clip, Kristen and Jen show their “real” beach façade, which includes casual umbrellas, giant umbrellas and children’s marble pavilions.


“Nobody thinks they look perfect, forever!” Ren said. “I’ll look like I like cheese, whatever it is. Let ‘s go to the seaside for a good time.


Kristin summed up the positive information of the video’s body and said: “I would like a retaliation of the body, but I would take an attitude.