‘Make the pool boy say “WTF!”‘ Quirky Shirt company makes womens bikinis sale for WOMEN

Hope you have someone else’s body from your way from the couch womens bikinis sale to the swimming pool?

An enterprising company is offering swimsuit – a design that womens bikinis sale is traditionally worn by women, with a furry male torso.


The $ 44 (£ 35) costume designed by Beloved Shirts has a different color and has been shown by the company’s 105,000 Instagram followers.

“Sexy chest a swimsuit” with a slogan: “Let the pool boy say” WTF! “Is the latest series of odd designs of the company, their own slogan is” really! ” ”


The size of the dress is from XS to XXL and offers “dark” and “tan”.

Surprisingly, the photos uploaded to the “Dear Shirt Instagram” page have caused more than one wave of ripples, and many people say they need their lives.


Others mark the friends who are going to womens bikinis sale the Batman party, advise them to buy one while others admit they want a person themselves – but in different shadows.

While many people in social media question whether this strange swimsuit is actually a joke, just creating in Photoshop, looks plush the chest swimwear is a real thing that can be purchased through the company’s website.


If you want a complete womens bikinis sale furry body sportswear, you can pack one in one of them – at $ 119 for the clip.