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WILLIAMSPORT — A settlement conference has been scheduled in an effort to resolve thewomens bikinis  in which Lock Haven University is accused of treating women’s sports differently than men’s.

The conference U.S. Middle District Magistrate Judge William I. Arbuckle III scheduled for Wednesday is in response to a request by all parties for non-binding mediation.

State Deputy Attorney General Lindsey A. Bedell, who is representing the university, stated in a letter to the court the purpose of the mediation request is to determine if the matter can be resolved.

Womens bikinis sale, filed by eight LHU female athletes, wants the university prevented from eliminating the women’s swim team and demoting the field hockey team from Division I to Division II.

It also seeks a court order requiring LHU to provide the swim and field hockey teams with funding, staffing and recruiting resources commensurate with their varsity status.

The court complaint compares conditions for women’s teams at Lock Haven with those for men.Judge Matthew W. Brann last month refused to issue a temporary restraining order sought by the athletes. Lock Haven maintains there will be no change to either sport next year.

Brann has scheduled an Aug. 22 hearing on the students’ motion for a preliminary injunction, which if granted, would prevent any change to the swim and field hockey teams.

That hearing would not be necessary if the settlement effort succeeds.The eight female athletes claim there is a de facto effort to eliminate the swim team by firing the full-time coach and hiring a part-time one.The university says keeping field hockey Division I is contingent on consistency in fundraising because there is not enough money now to support the team.

Brann has yet to decide whether the suit will be made a class action to include all current, prospective and future LHU female students.

That, for the uninitiated, is the match you would consider to be somewhat of an intermission, where you’d choose as the time to take yourself to get some refreshments, either inside the arena or when watching around the world.

But quickly, that has changed, now women’s wrestling in the WWE is must see — no one is going anywhere, for any popcorn.“The Boss” Sasha Banks has led the change, or “Women’s Revolution” as it has become known. No longer are the female superstars confined to two-minute matches, wrestling about in lingerie or booted from the card due to time constraints — now the women of the WWE are the business.

Banks said it is all about wanting to help inspire the young generation of females who love the WWE, but couldn’t live out their dreams on the big stage.

“I remember watching it as a kid and the women weren’t really featured like the guys. I was like no, I want to be in the WWE, but I don’t want to do what they’re doing at the moment.“I kind of caught like the MTV era, ladies in bikinis and beautiful women, not really throwing it down like the guys. I told myself when I was ten that I wanted to change what it meant to be a diva in the WWE.“It’s crazy that we’re here, we’re superstars, we’re not divas anymore. It’s changed so much, I thank the women that came before me and who I work with today, we’ve done it together, we’re changing the world right now.”

In September Banks will head back to Australia along with WWE’s RAW superstars for a three-city tour.

Australia continues to be a much anticipated trip for Banks and her WWE counterparts, given the unique atmosphere we provide down under.

“I think it’s just fun to do these overseas tours,” Banks said.

“We come here once a year and the fans are always really excited to see us.

“We love travelling fifteen hours on a flight to get to meet them, its because of that excitement and their smiles, that’s what WWE is about.”