Tynkle Tykes Cheap Sexy Lingerie is clothing for better potty training

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HOUSTON, Texas — Parents who complete the potty training process with their child know it’s a major milestone, but getting there can be messy and expensive.

Sarah Harding decided to start potty training her daughter Violet at 18 months old.

According to Harding, she didn’t know how to start or in what direction the training should go.

At first, Harding put Violet in Pull-Ups, but, to her, it was still like buying diapers.

Besides the $25 to $40 per box expense, the Pull-Ups felt like a diaper, so Violet treated it like one. At that point, that was when she heard about Lauren Cornay and her business Tynkle Tykes.
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“I came up with Tynkle Tykes, because as a mom, potty training can be very frustrating, and also it can cost a lot of money,” Cornay said.

Cornay first decided to ditch the Pull-Ups and put her son in regular Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

“But then he was soaking through his clothes and I was doing so much laundry, ” Cornay recalled.

She then created an Cheap Sexy Lingerie specifically for potty training.

“I get regular Cheap Sexy Lingerie and sew a lining in the Cheap Sexy Lingerie, and you just put a disposable pad inside,” Cornay demonstrated. “Once the pad has been soaked or leaked on, you take it out and throw the Cheap Sexy Lingerie in the wash.”

Cornay says this process is a faster transition, and your child could be potty-trained within two weeks.

“Instead of going from diapers to Pull-Ups to Cheap Sexy Lingerie, we’re going from diapers to Cheap Sexy Lingerie,” Cornay points out.

Tynkle Tykes Cheap Sexy Lingerie cost $10 per pair and a box of pads costs $6 for 20.