Month: August 2017

Airlines, bikini stewardess, flight to Muslim countries

Vietnam Vietjet low cost carrier has been forced to Indonesia, when the flight attendants will be fully covered its first flight in Jakarta. The airline announced that it will launch a direct route from Hu Zhiming to Jakarta is controversial because of a split PR stunt airline in 2012. The airline has not been approved […]

“Sun” on the last day: old Elizabeth Hurley, 52, shows her sensational assets and enviable tunes ABS on vacation sexy bikini coral She shared her sexy video of dancing earlier this week.

Instead of showing off her aged figure, Elizabeth Hurley shot her Instagram platform with another hot bikini for the last few hours of her vacation. The 52 year old British actress was proved perfect, showing her enough assets and enviable tunes, and ABS filmed her in a light coral womens bikinis sale. Elizabeth, seeing her […]

Saudi Arabia allows women at New Beach Resort Bikinis nightclub

The ultra conservative Saudi Arabia Kingdom has announced a luxury resort on the construction of the Red Sea women will be allowed to wear womens bikinis sale nightclub but not completely cover their bodies. Experts say the ambitious move by the new heir of the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman is yet another attempt to […]

Last summer, feminists were Bokiy. Bikini to defend now?

If it is from last summer’s popular language must be “bocchini”. The media got the swimsuit twisted in France and decided to ban Islamic Clothing from the beach. Slow English columnist – many people insult France – overlapping and passionately describing Islam as a strange preference for gallic oppression. Those who trusted the freedom of […]

British woman told exchange “unacceptable” bocchini Portugal bikinis

Two British women were ordered to take off burkinis and tell a bikini while they were on vacation in Albufeira, portugal. The hotel staff in Portugal told Maryya Dean and her sister-in-law China that they were not allowed to wear burkinis, and that the swimming pool was unacceptable.” Women told them they had to wear […]

More than 50 of women can not wear Bikinis nightclub? Not anymore!

There seems to be a popular, largely tacit belief that women over the age of 50 should not wear Bikinis nightclubs, or any other two swimsuits that show stomach. But recently, you have several media, fashion to debunk this myth, from the founding period began in 2016 of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, featured Ashley […]

Loose women, Saira, Khan, post, bikini, confident pictures, open, judged For her ethnicity and appearance

After Saira Khan’s bikini photos came, she showed confidence in all her InstagramIn the earlier this month following in Lake Garda resort.She seems to have accepted the loose woman’s active movement completely because of her.Continue to release your own photos of various Bikinis nightclubs during her current periodCroatia。 In a flash, Saira was on her […]

Saudi Arabia to allow women in bikinis at new beach resort

The ultra conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the construction of oneLuxury resorts in the Red Sea, women will be allowed to wear Bikinis nightclubs insteadHaving the body completely covered up by oneself. Experts believe the ambitious action initiated by the heir to the throne of Saudi arabia,Mohammed bin Salman Prince is another attempt […]

Don’t Blame the Bikini, Blame the Bikini Culture

If only we could throw on a pair of board shorts or spandex trousers, without having to worry about support and a “stay-on” guarantee. But outfitters are getting savvier about the growing market of women triathletes, swimmers and surfers who seek streamlined one and two-piece swimwear. When it is time to hit the pool or […]


This summer, we’re scouring the Golden State for the season’s hottest trends from head to toe and taking style cues from our favorite California cities. First up: our favorite swimsuits spotted in San Diego. Welcome to Street Stylized: California. Casual cool. Effortlessly elegant. Comfy chic. There are many different ways to describe San Diego fashion, […]